Klausner Lumber Two (under construction)

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Contact Person:
Street: 260 Piper Lane
City: Enfield
State: NC
Zip: 27823
Phone: 843-626-9600

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Year Established:
Products: Lumber Processing

About Klausner Lumber Two (under construction)

Klausner Lumber Two (KL2), is a state-of the-art Southern Yellow Pine sawmills, and will have a planned production capacity of approximately 350 million board feet per year or equivalent of 500,000 cubic meters (m3) of construction quality lumber. This volume is significantly greater than the typical North American sawmill’s capacity but will meet the current volume standard for sawmills in Europe.

Klausner Lumber Two (KL2) produces US domestic sizes as well as International metric dimensions and lengths. Klausner’s international sales force is familiar with international markets and sizes and is expanding its extensive worldwide reach.