Nash Brick Company

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Street: 532 Nash Brick Road
City: Enfield
State: NC
Zip: 27823
Phone: 252-443-4965

Nash Brick Company Details

Year Established: 1956
Products: Brick Manufacturer

About Nash Brick Company

Our company's roots can be traced to 1902 when W.E. Jeffrey's sold one-half interest in 59 acres of land to R.H. Rick's, and they formed the Jeffreys-Ricks Clay Works. The original location was within the city limits of Rocky Mount. Mr. Jeffrey's bought out Mr. Rick's to become the sole owner on October 1, 1913.

Two months later, Mr. Jeffrey's sold the company to W.R. Coleman for $20,000. Shortly thereafter, on January 7, 1914, Mr. Coleman sold the company to a corporation for $25,000. The name of the company was changed to Tar River Brick Company with officers as follows: S.S.Toler, President; T.W.Coleman, Treasurer; and, W.C. Woodward, Secretary. Unfortunately, in 1918 the company was sold at public auction for default in payment.

At that auction, former President S.S. Toler and investor RJB, Davis bought the company for $22,300. Mr. Davis almost immediately sold his half-interest to T.W.Coleman, and that's the way it stayed until 1938, when Mr. Coleman purchased Mr. Toler's share to become sole owner of the Tar River Brick Company.

It was September 1, 1944 when T.W. Coleman deeded his total interest to sons T.B., W.R., and E.W. Coleman. On March 2, 1948, the Colemans formed a new corporation with three equal stockholders.. .NASH BRICK COMPANY. Almost forty years later, October 1, 1987, current President Tom Fisher and three other investors bought our company, and that is the arrangement that still exists today.

The company relocated from Rocky Mount to its present site at Ita in 1957, where approximately 55 employees produce 28 million bricks per year, mostly for residential construction.