2022 was another successful year for Halifax County as reflected by the 2022 Economic Development Snapshot.

New and expanding industrial and commercial investments of $84.5 million helped to move the needle for economic development in Halifax County. Retail sales grew by 5%, from $648 million in 2021 to $681 million in 2022. Building permit values surged to $222.6 million, a 321.4% increase over 2021. Also in 2022, NCDOT completed the extension of Premier Boulevard and multi-laning of NC Highway 125. These highway improvements are already sparking new business opportunities in the area.

New investments create job opportunities for local residents, as well as generate demand for local goods and services. This creates a ripple effect throughout the community, stimulating economic growth and development.

“Our economy has benefited tremendously from the industrial construction underway by Roseburg Forest Products in Weldon and Binderholz near Enfield,” commented Cathy Scott, Executive Director of the Halifax County Economic Development Commission. “Looking ahead, the fundamental economic drivers in our local economy so far in 2023 show promise for continued progress.”

These economic gains are possible because of focused economic development efforts and business and elected leaders that work together to support economic activities.

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