Halifax County, NC Transportation Advantages

Access is one of Halifax County’s major advantages with interstate access, Class I railroad, airports, and deep-water port facilities within easy reach.

aerial photo of interstate exit showing adjacent shopping center, service stations, restaurants, and hotels

Highway Access

Halifax County, North Carolina is located halfway between New York and Florida on Interstate 95. US Highways 158, 301 and 258 also serve Halifax County providing direct linkages to Interstate-quality US 64 and Interstate 85. Interstate 95 has five major interchanges in Halifax County (Exits 173, 171, 168, 160 and 154).

Port Access

Halifax County offers convenient access to major deepwater ports in both North Carolina and Virginia: The Port of Virginia’s Suez-class cranes can handle ships loaded 26 containers across—in fact, they can handle ships larger than any currently built. As the second largest port on the East Coast, over 95 percent of the world’s shipping lines utilize the Port of Virginia.

  • Norfolk International Terminal (NIT) – 80 miles
  • Newport New Marine Terminal (NNMT) – 75 miles
  • Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT) – 90 miles
  • Port of Richmond – 80 miles
Halifax-Northampton Regional Airport

Halifax County is also accessible to North Carolina’s Ports, including the Port of Morehead City and the Port of Wilmington. The Port of Morehead City is one of the deepest ports on the US East Coast and just four miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The port handles both breakbulk and bulk cargo and is the second largest importer in the country for natural rubber. As a leading exporter of phosphate, the Port of Morehead City features a dry-bulk facility with a 225,000-ton capacity warehouse and open dry-bulk storage. The Port of Wilmington has a 42-foot access channel, modern transit and warehousing facilities, state-of-the-art post-Panamax container cranes and support equipment, and the latest in cargo management technology for supporting international trade to the fast growing Southeast US market. CSX Intermodal’s National Gateway Project connects Wilmington to the rail intermodal transportation network, and major highway infrastructure improvements connect Wilmington to important growth markets and current distribution centers.

  • Port of Morehead City – 140 miles
  • Port of Wilmington – 150 miles

Air Services

Halifax County is located less than 90 miles from three international airports. General aviation services are provided by the Halifax-Northampton Regional Airport (KIXA), which is located adjacent to Halifax County’s newest industrial park, the Halifax Corporate Park.

  • Halifax-Northampton Regional Airport – NC Highway 561
  • Raleigh-Durham International Airport – 85 miles
  • Richmond International Airport (VA) – 80 miles
  • Norfolk International Airport (VA) – 90 miles
aerial photo of double railroad tracks with buildings and water tower in the distance

Rail Service

Amtrak provides passenger rail service with terminals in nearby Rocky Mount and Raleigh. Daily Amtrak service is available to Charlotte, NC; Raleigh, NC; Richmond, VA; Washington, DC; Philadelphia, PA; and New York, NY as well as many other destinations.Class I rail service is provided by CSX Transportation. A number of business and industrial sites in Halifax County provide rail service and access to North Carolina and Virginia port terminals, offering freight and piggyback services.

Trucking/Motor Freight

The Roanoke Valley is served by more than 40 freight carriers, including major freight companies capable of handling shipments throughout the U.S. and North America.

Distance to Major Cities

Halifax County Truck Distances
Location Distance
Raleigh, NC75 miles
Charlotte, NC230 miles
Baltimore, MD242 miles
Boston, MA645 miles
Chicago, IL880 miles
Norfolk, VA90 miles
Richmond, VA80 miles
New York, NY430 miles
Washington, DC190 miles
Pittsburgh, PA424 miles
Miami, FL870 miles

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