At their annual meeting held on October 18, 2023 at Lakeland Cultural Arts Center in Littleton, Halifax County Business Horizons (Halifax Horizons), Inc. presented its Annual “Working Together Works” award to Representative Michael H. Wray. 

In making the award, President Scott Aman highlighted the remarkable achievements of Representative Wray, including the tens of millions of dollars in vital funding he has brought to Halifax County. “This support has been instrumental in fostering downtown revitalization, boosting tourism, driving economic development, enhancing infrastructure, uplifting our schools, fortifying our fire departments, mitigating flooding risks, promoting renewable energy, and so much more.”

Accepting the award, Representative Wray commented, “I am deeply honored to receive this recognition. I believe in the work of Halifax Horizons and that we must work together to achieve our common goals.” Wray added, “I was able to work across party lines to identify more than $100 million in critical investments for Halifax, Northampton, and Warren counties. Being open to collaboration is important.”

Aman added that it is not just about the numbers. “Representative Wray embodies the kind of leadership our community needs. He firmly believes it takes a village and that working together truly delivers results.”

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