Workforce Training

In Halifax County, you will find productive workers and a friendly labor environment to give your company a competitive advantage. Our labor force is hardworking and dependable. Recent studies reveal that North Carolina workers are 36% more productive than the average U.S. worker.

The Halifax County Economic Development Commission can help you access multiple resources to help you recruit and train the ideal staff for your business. Our network of workforce development partners will help you find available workers, identify the most qualified and provide them the training needed to contribute to your company’s operations.

Halifax County can offer these recruitment, screening and training services through a collaborative network of economic and workforce development agencies representing the NC Department of Commerce, Halifax Community College, the NC Department of Community Colleges, the Division of Employment Security, and North Carolina’s nationally-recognized system of four year universities and colleges.

To further support your business, Employers can save up to $2,100 per eligible worker by hiring employees that qualify for the Worker Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program for entry level openings. WOTC gives employers and incentive to hire individuals that historically have had difficulty obtaining and retaining jobs. North Carolina also offers employers a 100-day, no fault guarantee against unemployment insurance taxes for referred employees who are separated due to inability to perform the job. These valuable services can help your company reduce turnover and associated costs.

For additional information on workforce development resources, please contact Cathy A. Scott, Executive Director, at 252-519-2630.

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