Carolina Connector (CCX) Intermodal Rail Terminal

The Carolina Connector (CCX) Intermodal Rail Terminal is located on US Highway 301 in close proximity to several industrial sites in Halifax County. The Terminal allows shippers to combine the long-haul efficiencies of rail with the flexibility of short-haul trucks for cost-effective and reliable fright transport.  Intermodal transportation moves freight in a container without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes.  A company does not have to be adjacent to a railroad or intermodal terminal to capitalize on the efficiencies of the Intermodal Rail Terminal.

Industries can deliver and receive containers to and from the facility via truck. At the Terminal, containers will be transferred between the trucks and trains that are already scheduled to e moving on CSX’s rail network.  Watch this video for a short introduction.

Freight containers carrying consumer goods are transferred via different modes of transportation: trains, trucks, cargo ships.  CSX is partnering with the North Carolina and Virginia ports to provide international services.

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